Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

Our Pay Per Click Marketing Campaigns Are Highly Targeted And Offer Some Of The Best ROI's In The Industry! PPC Brings Qualified Customers To Your Website Who Are Actively Searching For Your Services!

Our advertising plans are tailored to our clients' requirements and market conditions. Paid Search Ads, Display Ads, PPC Remarketing, and Social Advertising are just a few of the Pay Per Click services we offer.

We provide results that assist our clients in achieving their business goals. We analyze bid pricing and budgets daily to guarantee that we are maximizing ROI for our client’s accounts.

Our great results are the result of a complicated and specialized approach that involves a full analysis of our client's business and Pay Per Click advertising goals, as well as a study of choices with a prioritized list of recommended activities.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
With our PPC search advertising, you may get a favorable return on investment. Spend your money carefully and advertise in the most targeted and cost-effective way possible.

Remarketing via PPC
Convert your 'potential customers' into 'loyal customers.' By establishing a strategy that meets all of your goals, our team of professionals will assist you in re-engaging people who have shown an interest.

Social Media Marketing
Do you want to raise the brand, product, or service awareness? We'll create a social advertising strategy that meets your KPIs and goals.

Display Marketing
Individual display marketing tactics are available to boost brand awareness, engagement, and conversions. We have experience managing both direct response and brand awareness campaigns.

Our professional (PPC) pay-per-click management team at U-Thrive Marketing has a track record of developing, planning, optimizing, and maintaining pay-per-click marketing campaigns across a variety of platforms. Our targeting strategies enable our customers to keep costs low while raising conversion rates and ROI well above industry averages.
In detail, here's how we work:

Account Management Hands-on management based on a customized plan for your company. Clients are assigned a PPC manager as well as a project manager who will be able to provide ongoing feedback.

Analysis of Keywords We conduct custom analysis of your present website and consult with the owner of the company to find the most relevant keywords and phrases to target. For your campaigns, use our award-winning program to generate millions of relevant keywords. We also identify geographical strategies and key competitive research.
We look for keywords and areas of differentiation on your competitors' websites. We can build the most effective plan with our efforts using this data.

Copy-writing Ad wording is extremely important! It's the first thing users will see in search engine results. To attract the best number of clicks and conversions, we create personalized ad text with information, promotions, and engaging wording.

Management of Bids One of the most critical aspects of a good PPC campaign is paying the correct amount.

Implementation of Conversion Tracking We'll install back-end conversion tracking codes on your ads and website. Each PPC ad and campaign will be tracked using our tracking tools, which will also track phone calls. Word modifications for optimal success as part of this investigation.

Budget Management We constantly optimize clicks and give the maximum potential ROI from your investment, so budget management is ongoing.

Click -through Rate Management This is accomplished by maintaining a high ratio of clicks to impressions. Not only will this improve outcomes, but it will also lower the bid requirements paid by the ad suppliers for each campaign.

Management of Landing Pages We make certain that the traffic landing page is optimized for the highest potential conversion. If necessary, we will create a new landing page specifically for our PPC ads.

Meetings for reporting and performance We use analytics and other reporting tools to track your campaign daily. We keep you up to date with monthly reports and phone calls. We'll go over the numbers with you and obtain your input. PPC management is a continuous process that necessitates frequent revisions and changes to maintain a good ROI.

Our Pay Per Click Management services are cost-effective and transparent. We're also one of the few PPC management companies that dont make clients sign long-term contracts or pay campaign set up costs! Get in contact with our team today to learn more about using pay-per-click advertising to promote your business on search engines and social media platforms. Call us right now at (818) 357-4232 or fill out the form below for a free consultation.